Koena Mitra gears up for multiple film releases


MUMBAI: While the world thought that Koena Mitra was sitting at home hiding from the world, after a nose job went horribly wrong, think again. The actress has been burning the midnight oil, shooting round the clock to finish her long list of films. And it is not one or two films that has been keeping her busy, but four films.

Things can get messy and schedules awry when you are shooting for four different films simultaneously. But not for Mitra. The former beauty queen is a master of organizing her life and has had no problems shooting around the globe for them. She elaborated, "I have just finished shooting with South superstar Surya for his film. It was an item song and I had a blast doing those really fast paced heavy duty dance number."

There is an international project that will take two years to film, but Mitra has signed on a contract which bars her from interacting with the press about it. But from our inside sources we have come to know that the film’s producers are international film makers from China and Hong Kong and the film, which is of the action genre, is being shot there.

The source revealed, "Koena has had to go in for intense physical training for this film. She has trained in Tai Chi, fast running and kick boxing. The special effects film will certainly put Koena in the top league."

The actress is also doing two different genres of films. One is a cop thriller that has three actors with Mitra as the only heroine. And the other is a musical. Laughing at the wide array of films on her platter, Mitra said, "I am a trained dancer and if I do not do a musical, then it will be silly."

Commenting on her being away from the limelight for such an extended period of time, the Bong beauty said, "I would rather play the waiting game then do something that I am not confident about. Look at Anamika, my last release. The film was not backed by financially solvent producers and the film could not be marketed. What is the point in investing such time and energy on projects which will never be viewed by the public. It’s saying no to a hell lot of money, but then you have to save your back in the long run. Doing these projects out of a sense of insecurity can only be worse for your career."

So Mitra has planned her innings well in Bollywood and is now hoping for the films to strike gold at the box office.