Sajit Warrier to direct IDream’s 3D horror film Fired


MUMBAI: IDream Production has launched a 3D horror film titled Fired. Fired is a contemporary story, which deals with the current global recession and turmoil due to job losses and the repercussion of employees being fired. It has been shot internationally.

IDream believes that Digital 3D technology will change cinema viewing dramatically in India. Advances in digital technology and more comfortable glasses has the world jumping back on the 3-D bandwagon.

India is also 3D ready – exhibitors are buoyant after the success of Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was released in 2008 across 6 screens. The number of Digital 3D complaint screen is expected to grow to 30 by June end. IDream is working with an international technology company, which is a specialist in 3D technology filmmaking for this project.

The cast has been finalized the details of which shall be released shortly. It is being helmed by debutant Sajit Warrier, an ad film maker from UCLA. It is going to be shot by Jogendra Panda, who has worked earlier with IDream on the children’s film Jajantaram Mamantaram.