Kunal Kapoor explains his short presence in films


MUMBAI: Actor Kunal Kapoor believes in keeping it short and sweet. But does this explain why he did small guest appearances in two films last year? The actor did small cameos in Bachna Ae Haseeno and Welcome to Sajjanpur. Kapoor said, “Those were roles to people I could not say no to as it was a favour I was returning. But all that is in the past, I am now doing a lot of short films.”

Kapoor is doing a short film called Linger. Explaining his decision, he said. “These youngsters are filled with so much of passion and dedication for film making. Seeing that and their stories which have been so tautly scripted, the actor in me could not refuse. The film that I am currently doing is called Linger and I have two more good scripts which I am contemplating.”

But this does not mean that the actor is not doing mainstream solo lead films. Kapoor said, “I will tell all when the time is right. But yes, I have signed two films, one with Anurag Kashyap and the other with Navdeep Singh, who made Manorama Six Feet Under.”

So here’s looking to a more action packed year ahead from Kunal Kapoor.