LG launches world’s fastest Blu-ray writer

Mumbai: LG Electronics, a leader in optical drives for the past nine consecutive years, announced the launch of the world’s fastest Blu-ray writer. The LG Blue Ray Writer has India’s fastest BD writing speed of 6x Max. This is an IDE device that can be mounted on any existing Desktop PC. While a normal CD has a storage capacity of approximately 700 MB, a double layer BD can actually store up to 50 GB of data.
In other words, for ease of understanding, data contents of up to 73 CDs can be stored in one BD Media. Or to make it more appropriate, approximately 35 Bollywood movies can be stored in one BD Disc. It is also a great product for the small and mid sized companies for daily backups. Taking backups on the LG Blue Ray Writer, with 50 GB of storage capacity not only makes the task easier it also is relatively more reliable than a magnetic tape. Software companies and architects will also find high utility for this product to store large sized programs and designs.
LGEIL business group head, IT division R Manikandan said, "LG has been the world’s number one in Optical Drives for nine continuous years by leading the technology and speed innovation. By launching this world’s fastest Blu-ray writer with a 6x max write speed, LG again leads the pack. We believe in offering the best products to our consumers and this Blue Ray Writer is a step forward in the same direction."
A single-layer DVD can store up to 4.7 GB of data, which essentially means an average 2 hr standard-definition movie with a few extra features. However, a single-layer Blu-ray disc can store up to 27 GB of data, which implies more than 13 hrs of standard video and more than 2 hrs of high-definition video. More unbelievably, a double-layer Blu-ray disc has 54 GB of storage capacity. This means it can store more than 20 hrs of standard video and 4.5 hrs of high-definition digital video.
The LG’s Blue Ray Writer GGW-H20L with IDE interface for Desktop PC is available in the market at a MRP of Rs.29990/- inclusive of all taxes.