Seventymm ties up with Palador Pictures

Mumbai: India’s largest movie rental company Seventymm has tied up with Palador Pictures to enrich its portfolio by adding world films made by renowned directors like Akira Kurosawa, Francois Truffaut and Wong-Kar Wai. Works of most of these directors haven’t had a commercial release in India.
Seventymm COO Subhanker Sarker said, "Palador brings to Seventymm an exciting palate of world class films. World cinema has a niche but discerning audience and we will continue to enrich our offerings in this genre by bringing more exclusive titles for our consumers. Titles like Two English Girls, Shoot the Piano Player etc. are truly rare in India and Seventymm is very excited to add this selection to its repertoire".
Palador Pictures MD Gautum Shiknis added, "Palador’s effort is to make World Cinemas legitimate in India. We are also in a quest to eradicate piracy as well as popularize the concept through innovative marketing tie-ups just like the one with Seventymm. Through this tie-up we hope to achieve the goal we have started out with".
Some of the most awarded and critically acclaimed films of all times available on Seventymm include Akira Kurosawa’s masterpieces Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, The Throne of Blood and Red Beard. Also available are movies like Run Lola Run, Beautiful Mind and Motorcycle Diaries.