Lola Montès will open Cannes Classics

Mumbai: A restored version of the film Lola Montès, directed in 1955 by Max Ophuls, will open Cannes Classics this year. This restoration happened in close collaboration with the Thomson Foundation for Film and Television Heritage, with the support of the Franco-American Cultural Fund, and thanks to the patronage of Oréal and agnès b.
The presentation of this restoration will also mark the occasion to honor Max Ophuls, who passed away in 1957, shortly after the release of the film.
The Cinémathèque Française, managed by Serge Toubiana, will present this new Technicolor restoration of Lola Montès in its world avant-premiere at the 61st Festival de Cannes, in the Cannes Classics program.
Inspired by the scandalous life of the Countess of Landsfeld, better known as Lola Montès, this picture is Max Ophuls’ last work but equally his only film in color.

Under the attentive eye of Marcel Ophuls, following the technical expertise of François Ede, and thanks to the technical innovations of the Technicolor Laboratory, the Cinémathèque Française has undertaken to restore Lola Montès, to its original editing, colors, sound and image format, thus offering this film cult the possibility of delighting new young audiences and seducing once again those the film has already long since conquered.

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