Lord Of The Rings producer to watch Kamal Haasan’s new film

Vishwaroop First Look Poster
MUMBAI: On Tuesday Kamal Haasan leaves for Los Angeles for a very special screening of his Hindi film Vishwaroop for a Hollywood denizen.

Barrie M. Osborne the producer of The Lord Of The Rings, Matrix, Face Off and Dick Tracy will be viewing Kamal Haasan’s Hindi film Vishwaroop.

Says a source, “The Hindi and Tamil bi-lingual Vishwaroop and Vishwaroopam had been shot extensively in LA.Much of special effects during post-production was also done in reputed Hollywood studios of LA. As news spread in  and around the Hollywood studios that Kamal Haasan was working on a two-language adventure-thriller several big names from American cinema would drop in for a dekko.”

The screening for Barrie Osborne has been specially arranged for later this week.

What really surprised Kamal Haasan is not so much that a big-name Hollywood producer like Osborne wanted to see his film, but the fact that Osborne seemed to know about the two different Tamil and Hindi versions of  his film and asked particularly for one version to be screened.

Says Kamal Haasan, “Many experts from within the film fraternity in India seem to believe that I’ve shot only one version in Tamil and dubbed it into Hindi. Not true.We’ve shot two different versions of the film, Vishwaroopam in Tamil is completely separate in language from Vishwaroop in Hindi.”

Kamal Haasan confirms plans for an immediate sequel. “We’ve shot some key action sequences for the sequel already.Scenes that required complicated procedures of permission for shooting at particular locations and for which the actors needed to make elaborate preparation have been done. I’d say we’ve got 15 percent of the sequel in place already. I’ll shoot the remaining 85 percent of  the sequel as soon as Vishwaroop is released.”

The screening of Vishwaroop in LA later this week will also be attended by one of Hollywood’s top makeup artistes Michael Westmore.Oscar winning  Westmore did all the styling and makeover for the Star Trek series. A dear friend of Kamal Haasan he did the actor’s makeup in Vishwaroop.