Madhavan unveils Radio City’s new lineup

MUMBAI: Radio City 91.1 FM’s new programming with innovative shows, interviews with stars, contests and prizes, along with a lot more English music was unveiled by actor R Madhavan in Chennai.


Radio City has always believed in providing its listeners with the best. Radio City 91.1 FM, Chennai, which earlier used to operate on the frequency -105.8 FM and predominantly had Tamil content, has undergone a revamp and will now air content, predominantly in English, along with a right mix of Hindi and premium Tamil music.

The content is tailored to suit the day part and audience who specifically tunes in and will follow the mood map concept, which is followed by Radio City across all its stations.  

Radio City head marketing Rana Barua said, “We are thrilled and proud to announce the strategic changes in programming for Radio City, Chennai. Our research helped us to understand the minds of the traditional and Tamil film music inclined Chennai listeners. We have customized our programming with a fantastic blend of English, Hindi and Tamil programs reflecting the true sound of cosmopolitan Chennai. Our content is tailored to suit the day part and audiences who specifically tunes in within that day-part, which will ultimately give advertisers a great value for their money spent. Our music expertise and innovative programs will stir listeners to indulge in their kind of music. We would continue to play the best and make Radio City an integral part of the lives of Chennai-ites.”


As part of the big activation idea, Radio City 91.1 FM has planned a host of on-air and on-ground activities at happening malls across the city like Landmark, across multiplexes like Satyam and several hip hangouts like Café Mocha. Additionally Radio City 91.1 FM also has entered into an exclusive tie-up across the 28 Spencer’s Dailies Outlets in Chennai.

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