Madhur Bhandarkar’s production Village of Widows in trouble with censor board


MUMBAI: Documentary film, Village of Widows produced by Madhur Bhandarkar and directed by Ashoke Pandit is in trouble with the censor board.

The censor officials had raised their eyebrows on two major important portions of the film. The film was sent to the reviewing committee. The report of the committee has staunchly asked for two major portions to be cut for the clearance of the censor. The scenes that were asked to be cut are: Benazir Bhutto giving anti-India speech and propagating terrorism against India for Kashmir….whereby she proclaims the need of supposed freedom of Kashmir from India and the second one is shots of Indian National Flag being burnt in Kashmir.

"We cannot chose to shy away from the realities that stand to be the true causes of terrorism…it is very important that such documentaries should be safeguarded from unwanted censorship as this kind of Documentary films stand to be Historical records for the posterity…. And historical truths cannot be doctored to few minds wishes," said Pandit.

Bhandarkar said, "We will definitely approach the Tribunal and want the film to go uncut as it is a genuine film which portrays the real incidences."