Pirated movie discs worth Rs 4.2 million seized across Maharashtra, Gujarat


MUMBAI: Increasing pressure on movie pirates, the police in Maharashtra and Gujarat conducted several raids across the two states over the last three days. Raids were conducted in Mumbai, Buldana, Vadodara and Surat during which the team uncovered 41,713 pirated discs including multiple DVD prints of recent Hollywood and Bollywood releases like Kites, Iron Man 2, Shrek 4 and Badmaash Company worth Rs 4.2 million (Rs 42 lakhs).

The raids have been conducted by the police along with the recently formed coalition between Bollywood and Hollywood studios.

The Mumbai Police conducted multiple raids across Mumbai and seized close to 8,755 pirated discs. The first raid was conducted in Chembur by a joint team of 12 members from the SS Branch (PI Kane) and AA Khan & Associates. 4,500 discs were found in the raid conducted on 6 stalls in the area. As a part of the operation the police have arrested three accused.

The second raid was conducted with the Powai Police Station where close to 1,800 DVDs were seized. Two more raids were conducted by Nallasupara and Mira Road Police stations. The police team found 350 pirated discs in these twin raids, which were conducted along with Cine Copyrights Investigation. One accused, Devi Singh, was arrested and handed over to Nallasupara Police Station.

United Copyright Protection Association (UCPA) conducted a major raid in Sansar shop in Buldana city, Maharashtra with SP Vindra Mishra, SDPO Kalna Barvekr, where team seized 15,000 pirated DVDs, 3,000 inlay cards and one burner with nine inbuilt DVD writers. The material is worth Rs 2.5 million (Rs 25 lakh). One accused Kasturchand Jajad was arrested and handed over to Buldana City Police Station.

The first raid in Gujarat was conducted in Vadodara by the police along with UCPA seizing 14,953 pirated DVDs and 10 DVD writers worth Rs 5 lakhs. Police also arrested three people and taken them for three-days’ remand. The second raid was conducted in Surat, where Police and UCPA seized 1,960 pirated and registered the FIR in Varacha Police Station.

AA Khan said, "Piracy is a serious offence and one which is rampant within major parts of the city. We along with Mumbai Police are dedicated to the cause of arresting the increase of such activities. However, the job of the police is nullified since the common man goes and purchases movies from such pirates. People need to remember that besides denying the creators of the content their fair share, the proceeds from such sales fund several illegal activities including terrorism in India and abroad."