Manish Malhotra creates golmaal for Kareena Kapoor


Mumbai: Rami, assistant of Golmaal Returns director Rohit Shetty, wanted certain changes in Kareena Kapoor’s outfits. He sent a message to her designer Manish Malhotra. The latter, pronouncing "Rami" as "Rumi", informed Kapoor of the alterations that had been requested.

Kapoor instructed her manager to call "Rumi" for a meeting to discuss the changes. The manager assumed that by "Rumi", she was referring to Rumi Jaffrey (the director) who, incidentally, had helped out with the story of Golmaal Returns.

A thoroughly confused Jafri couldn’t fathom why he was being called in to discuss Kapoor’s outfits and told her manager that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

After much chaos about the mysterious identity of Rumi it was discovered that Malhotra had mis-pronounced Rami’s name!

Needless to add, Rumi Jaffrey was a relieved man at the end of it all.