Manoj Bajpai loses weight for Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs Of Wasseypur


MUMBAI: Those who have met Manoj Bajpai recently are aghast at his weight loss. Bajpai has lost so much weight he’s looking anorexic! And Bajpai’s best friend Sajay Gupta is not amused. Gupta, who hadn’t met Manoj for a couple of months, was shocked too see how gaunt Manoj looked.

The filmmaker who wants to sign the actor for a pivotal role in his next directorial venture wants Manoj to gain weight immediately.

Bajpai tells, “Sanjay Gupta was not happy to see my weight loss after some months. But what do I do? I had to lose weight drastically for a film.”

Apparently for Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs Of Wasseypur Bajpai had to go through a spectrum of physical transformations. They included looking like a 20-year old. “I had to lose my gym-trained physique. I had to look fit but not in an  urban way. I lost all my muscles for the character. Now I’ve to regain at least 8-9 kilos.”

Since Gupta starts shooting in a couple of months Manoj doesn’t have much time to regain his muscles.

Meanwhile the actor has been receiving a lot of hate-mail from Bachchan fans for calling the Big B “a zero” in Aarakshan. Apparently the mega-star’s fans from all over the country have sent outraged protests and complaints.

Protests Bajpai, “Arrey Bhai I am just an actor doing my job. Believe me, it wasn’t easy being so rude to Bachchan Saab since I am his biggest fan. But I was featured in my first out-and-out negative role in Aarakshan.And I’ve given it my all.”