Marathi film Tingya wins kudos at festivals


MUMBAI: A small Marathi film Tingya, which tells the story of a child who portrays the world we are unable to see, accept or fathom, has caught the attention of juries at various festivals.

A brilliant effort by the debut director Mangesh Hadawale and producer Ravi Rai, this insightful and perceptive portrayal has won two awards at the recently concluded Pune Film Festival. It has been awarded the Best International Marathi Film award by the eminent national and international Jury.

The award for best film was presented by Bollywood’s noted film director and producer Subhash Ghai. It was received by Ravi Rai of Small Town Boy Productions

Sharad Goekar, the boy who plays Tingya, bagged the Critics’ Award for Best Actor.

Rai said, “I realized way back that apart from entertainment, cinema has other wings as well. Creativity for me personally is something that disturbs me. It is born out of a disturbed mind. The life of farmers in India right now is in a phase that is very dark, tough and turbulent. Approximately every 9th hour a farmer commits suicide. The newspapers reports disturbed me everyday. I wanted to make a film… What? and How? I never knew till Mangesh came up with this subject and I knew I was doing it.”