Maverick Productions to produce a Gujarati movie


MUMBAI: After producing films in the Hindi, Kannada and Malaylam languages, Maverick Productions is now looking at producing a Gujarati movie.

The movie is titled Natheeyo and the start to finish shooting schedule will begin on 10 September. The film is being directed by Chander Bahl and stars Chandan Rathod, Sapna, Dhawan Memoda and Dipangi.

Maverick Productions CEO Anuj Saxena said, "Maverick is a full fledged entertainment company producing films, ads, events and documentaries. Regional cinema has huge niche market."

The company has produced the Kannada film Housefull, Malaylam film Gulumaal and its Hindi movie Chase, which is being directed by Jagmohan Mundhra is slated to release on 4 December.