Maverick to distribute dubbed Hollywood film


MUMBAI: Director Moustapha Akkad’s Hollywood classic Al-Risalah’s dubbed version will be distributed by Anuj Saxena’s Maverick Productions.

This film, which received rave reviews both in Arab world and the West (it opened in 3000 theatres across the USA), has now reached India. Dubbed in Urdu with music and a song by A. R. Rahman, the film will soon hit theatre across the country on 28 December 2007.

The dubbed Hindi version has been produced by Oasis Enterprises owned by Yamshi Ahmed and Saad Ahmed and they have acquired the rights for the film.

Saxena says, “It is an interesting different film with a unique subject so when the offer of distribution came we found it to be a good preposition. The song sung by A. R. Rehman is also outstanding. Maverick is considering a couple of more mainstream films for distribution in 2008.”

“We always wanted to bring this film to Indian audiences because perhaps no other film present a more balanced, more nuanced image of Islam,” said Yamshi Ahmed, co-producer of  Al-Risalah (dubbed version).

“No doubt, watching this Oscar nominated film will surely be a unique and enriching experience for the audience for a better understanding of Islam and the times of Prophet Mohammad” says Mr Saad Ahmed, co-producer (Dubbed Version) of the film.

Maverick also distributed Om Shanti Om in Rajasthan and Cash in Mysore recently.