Maverick veers towards South movies


    MUMBAI: After testing the television market down south, Anuj Saxena’s Maverick is all set to route into South Indian cinema.

    The company has entered into a co-production deal a few months back with Vision Technology. However it’s not yet decided whether the movie will be in Tamil or Telugu.

    Speaking to, Saxena says, “We have been planning our movie since a long time but we both got busy with our individual projects. Finally we have a script in hand and will start casting soon.” 

    So will the star cast include Bollywood names? “Yes, it will be a mix of both – actors from Bollywood, Tamil and the Telugu industry,” Saxena informs.

    Saxena is clear about the strategy when it comes to film production. “I have a straight-cut policy. I will make one big budget movie a year. And the rest will be small to medium budget ones.”

    He feels big corporate names tying up with production houses is more or less a trend these days. “I have been offered production deals and I may settle on one. But I am still contemplating the offer,” adds Saxena.

    Saxena, who has recently stepped into distribution of films in select regions, declined the distribution of Ram Gopal Verma’s Darling. “I didn’t want to take it up. I didn’t feel too strong about the movie. I will be taking up a few movies in a month’s time,” he clarifies.

    Maverick’s TV show Sa Re Ga Ma on Zee Kannada has received tremendous response; hence the show will now be a daily from a bi-weekly.