Michael J Fox with James Lipton on PIX


MUMBAI: The enigmatic Michael J Fox will be seen in the next episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio as he talks about films, acting and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s on 2 September at 7 pm on PIX.

Fox was born on June 9 1961, in Edmonton Alberta. When he was growing up Michael shared dream common to many Canadian children, to play hockey in the NHL, but he was too short. In his teens he played guitar in garage bands, and developed as an actor in local theatre and TV.

At 15, he auditioned for the role of a ten-year-old in a series called Leo and Me (1976). Gaining attention as a bright new star in Canadian television and movies, Fox realised his love for acting when he appeared on stage in The Shadow Box.

At 18, he moved to Los Angeles and was offered a few roles in television shows but early acting success ended fast when the roles stopped coming. He got his big break with the role of Alex Keaton on the TV series Family Ties (1982). He also starred in many feature films like Teen Wolf, Poison Ivy, Back to the Future amongst others. Michael J Fox married Tracy Pollan, also an actress on Family Ties, in July 1988.

Although diagnosed in 1991 with Parkinson’s Disease, Michael J Fox did not announce this publicly until 1998. He established The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in May 2000, and is active financially, and politically to find a cure.