Max to air Salaam Namaste


MUMBAI: In an effort to showcase some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters, Hindi movie channel Max is ready to air Siddharth Anand’s film Salaam Namaste on 24 June, 2007 at 12 pm.

The story is about Nick (Saif Ali Khan) and Ambar (Preity Zinta). Ambar Malhotra or Ambi, who lived in Bangalore with her parents, quarreled with them because she did not want to marry someone of their choice, ended up coming to Australia on a student exchange program, studies medicine, but lands in a job as a radio announcer with 101.5 FM “Salaam Namaste,” and finally there is Nikhil Arora alias Nick, who came here to become an Architect, did get his degree, but ended up as Head Chef with “Nick of Time” restaurant.

Surrounded by quirky friends, bosses and landlords but far away from home, Nick and Ambar take a huge leap of faith as they decide to move in together. And now they must tiptoe towards getting to know each other. They are attracted to each other – but they fight. They live together, but as friends, in different rooms. They’re in a relationship but then again they’re not. They seem to want the same things, but it seems that they have very little in common.