MNIK, Toh Baat Pakki pirated DVDs worth Rs 1.5 lakhs seized in Mumbai


MUMBAI: SS Branch and Mumbai Police along with AA Khan & Associates raided two locations in Mumbai and seized over 21,000 pirated DVDs and CDs worth over Rs 1,50,000.


The first raid was conducted at Lamington Road, around 6000 pirated CDs and DVDs were seized at the location. The pirated CDs and DVDs included last week’s release Toh Baat Pakki, Up in the Air, It’s Complicated and My Name is Khan. The total amount of confiscated goods was around Rs 60,000.


The next raid was carried out at Chembur, at a shop in Basant Park and Orbis Shop near the railway station and uncovered 15000 pirated CDs and DVDs. The DVDs and CDs found included latest Hindi as well as English movies. Goods confiscated were pegged at around Rs. 99,800.


Khan said, "Piracy is a serious offence and one which is rampant within major parts of the city. We along with Mumbai Police are dedicated to the cause of arresting the increase of such activities. However, the job of the police is nullified since the common man goes and purchases movies from such pirates. People need to remember that besides denying the creators of the content their fair share, the proceeds from such sales fund several illegal activities including terrorism in India and abroad."


Sanjay Ramchandra Darode and Badri Prasad Narayandas have been arrested during the raids. The accused were booked under sections 51, 52(A), 63, 68(A) of the Copyright Act of 1957.