Moser Baer buys 100 films’ rights at Cannes


MUMBAI: The newest entrant in the home video entertainment and film production space Moser Baer is making its presence felt in the Indian as well as the international market.

The company was present at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival and has reaped a good deal there. Moser Baer has purchased home video rights of many films through their deals with companies like American Cinema International, Lake Shore Production and Fantastic Films.

Speaking to, Moser Baer CEO entertainment Harish Dayani says, “We have purchased the India home video rights of 100 films. We will start rolling them in the Indian market from July.”

However unlike the Hindi film VCDs and DVDs that the company has priced at Rs 28 and Rs 35 respectively, these foreign language films will be available at slightly higher rates but will not exceed Rs 100.

Further, Moser Baer has alsp bought all the rights, including theatrical, satellite and home video for seven – eight Hollywood flicks. “These movies’ rights have been bought for all SAARC countries,” informs Dayani. Some of them are Jon Avnet directed Righteous Kill, Air Buddies and Ten Commandments amongst others.

The company plans to release some of the Hollywood movies towards the latter half of the year. Dayani says that an attempt will be made to release the new Hollywood movies simultaneously in India.

“I am particularly excited about Righteous Kill, since it brings together Robert De Niro and Al Pachino together after many years,” Dayani concludes.