Moser Baer forays into PC peripherals mkt


    MUMBAI: Moser Baer India has forayed into the PC peripherals market and has launched its Optical Disk Drive (ODD) i.e. combo drive and writer.

    The company in partnership with Taiwan’s Philips & Lite-On Digitil Solutions tarp., which manufactures OEM / ODM optical disc drive, has launched their ODDs in India in the name of “Moser Baer-Lite-on.”

    Currently the IT vertical industry (PCs and Notebooks) is pegged at Rs 200 billion (Rs 20,000 crores) and the PC Peripheral industry is worth Rs 120 billion (Rs 12,000 crores). Moser Baer, with its entry into the ODD market in the form of combo Drives and DVD Writers, is looking at capturing 20 per cent market share of present market size of five lakh units per month.

    Moser Baer is looking at leveraging upon its existing synergies and distribution network in the domestic market to enter the PC Peripherals market. Moser Baer will be launching products in five metros.

    “The launch complements our existing optical media business and we are hoping that by leveraging our established strong brand equity we will emerge as a front runner with a significant market share in this segment too,” said Moser Baer executive vice president Bhaskar Sharma.

    Moser Baer chairman and managing director Deepak Puri added, “It has been our constant endeavor at Maser Baer to reach out to our potential and existing target customers with high quality products in various segments. We see a Lot of potential and latent demand in the PC peripheral market in India and Moser Baer will carve a niche for itself in this segment too.”

    “Our commitment towards providing our products that are high quality and value additive, have always heights in our existing and emerging businesses of blank optical photovoltaic to entertainment and now to PC peripherals,” he added.

    The company is already a player in the USB Drives and Memory Cards market.