Moser Baer introduces branded cycle carts


MUMBAI: In a bid to target more customer base, Moser Baer has rolled out a novel concept of branded cycle carts that will go around selling popular movies at the lowest rates.


The idea is currently being tested in Kolkata and with seven Moser Baer branded cycle carts. If the initiative gets a positive response, the company plans to add more carts to strengthen its reach.


Speaking about the rationale behind the new venture, Moser Baer Entertainment CEO Harish Dayani says, “Our policy is to increase the DVD/VCD market. Unlike the West, India is still to witness the boom in the home video segment. The new venture is a pro-active approach to reach the customer rather than wait for him to drop in the shop. We are testing the pilot and are planning to introduce it in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad in a phased manner.”


On queried as to the response this intiative has received so far, he adds, “The branded cart concept is getting a positive response and each cart sells more than 100 units per day and this venture is a low cost affair. Each cart costs around Rs 9000 – 10000 and we pay Rs 250 to each cart vendor per day.”


Would the new initiative help curb piracy? Dayani informs, “This should not be seen as a campaign against piracy. We are here to make sales and the cart idea is purely driven by that fact. Moreover our pricing is a huge attraction for people who are looking for quality entertainment at a low price.”


Moser Baer earlier shook the Hindi movie DVD/VCD industry when it offered some of the lowest priced products priced at Rs 28 for a VCD and Rs 34 for a DVD. Subsequently, the other leaders in the segment like T-Series, Shemaroo and Ultra also went in for slashing their cost to meet the new development.


The branded cart idea is seen as a cost effective strategy to reach out to customers. With more than 100 sales per day at the pilot stage, the idea surely holds huge potential.