Movie channel Filmy launches comedy show


MUMBAI: Hindi movie channel Filmy has launched its new comedy show titled Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai.

The show revolves around six characters, who are very Filmy. Each have their own agenda behind making an appearance on the big screen. With that thought in mind, they begin including the strange ways of showbiz into their lives that packs the show with practical, everyday humour.

Neena Gupta and Kanwaljeet make their comeback with this show after almost 10 years.

The story is about three boys Lallan (Sunil Grover), Raj Rahul Malhotra (Sachin Sharma) and Arjun (Kiku), who live together in a rented apartment in Mumbai. Sushmita (Neena Gupta) is their landlady whose only source of income is the rent from the trio. Inderjit Abhimanyu Singh (Kanwaljeet) is a friendly neighbour who harbours an unspoken affection for Sushmita. Pushpa (Shweta Gulati), Sushmita’s daughter is the much desired girl and many a love stories revolve around her.

Filmy senior supervisory producer Suchita Shah said, “Filmy has always strived to entertain the masses through innovative film based programming, be it movie jockeys like Lallan or original software like Kaun Banega Champu and Rokkky’s 99. Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai! is one such show, which in a humorous way, covers the impact of a phenomena called Bollywood, on the lives of every Indian. With clichéd Hindi film plots and dialogues that have acquired cult status over the years, and with music and treatment that is 100 per cent Filmy, Jigar Ma Badi Aag! is an out an out comedy show, that could not have been anywhere else but on Filmy!”

Lallan’s character, played by Sunil Grover, has now been taken to the next level, on the channel, through this show, with him having moved into a flat and with new flatmates. He’s still the simpleton from Jaunpur whose only dream in life is to become a super hit ‘Hero’ in Bollywood. Says Grover, “All the characters in the show have a passion for something or someone, and that passion or aag has translated itself in the script in a very Bollywood style, which the audiences are surely going to enjoy. The timing of the comedy and the casting of the characters in the show is brilliant.”

Neena Gupta plays Sushmita, who is also known as Umrao Jaan in the show, because she was screen-tested for the lead role, for Rekha’s Umrao Jaan in 1981, but unfortunately she got married to ‘Colonel sa’ab’ and her dream of becoming Umrao Jaan stayed just a dream. Says Neena, “This is a very different role I am playing compared to my earlier assignments. I believe that if an actor enjoys his work then so will the audience, as it shows in the performance. I have really enjoyed myself during the shoot and I’m sure the Filmy audiences too will enjoy once they see the final product on air! “

Inderjit Abhimanyu Singh aka IAS is played by Kanwaljeet. His character in the show, is the only one which is against the popular culture of Bollywood, but turns surprisingly Filmy every time he encounters ‘Sushmita’, for whom he harbours an unspoken, yet obvious affection. He is a failed IAS candidate and works as a librarian to earn a living. When asked his opinion on the show, Kanwaljeet said, “Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai is a great show and I’m confident that the concept, the comedy and characters will go down really well with the viewers.”

Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai! is scheduled to air every Sunday at 8.30 pm, starting 14 October.