Movie Mart targets 50,000 customers by 2009 in Delhi, NCR


    Mumbai: Movie rental company Movie Mart is planning to expand its customer base to 50,000 members by the end of 2009 in Delhi and NCR. At present the service caters to approximately 15,000 customers in the region.

    Additionally, Movie Mart has removed security deposits from all subscription options. The company has also lowered the prices on monthly subscription from Rs 300 to Rs 279.

    Movie Mart CEO Rahul Mansharmani said, "For us, our customers are very important. We have always endeavored to take steps, which will help the end consumer. Removing security deposits and lowering of monthly subscription fee are steps in this direction. Unlike our competitors, we have removed the security deposit completely from all membership plans and the customer can keep the DVDs for a longer period and no late fee will be charged. We want our customers to watch movies without any hassles."

    "I am sure this effort of ours will bring us many new customers and movie buffs will be delighted. Currently, we are delivering satisfactorily to an average of 15,000 customers in Delhi and NCR on a daily basis and we plan to expand the customer base to 50,000 members by the end of 2009," he added.