MPA to hold film production workshop for students in Singapore


Mumbai: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) will organize a film production workshop that runs 11-12 November, at the National Library, targeting film students in Singapore. Aimed primarily at providing budding filmmakers the practical knowledge of feature film production, the two-day workshop, supported by the Singapore Film Commission, will consist of intensive lectures, case-study analysis and exercises, where participants will learn about international marketing and distribution.

The MPA Film Production Workshop is led by filmmakers from Hollywood: Ira Deutchman (chief executive Emerging Pictures and Associate Professor in the Graduate Film Division at Columbia University), Ramon Menendez (writer-director of Stand and Deliver) and Tom Musca (writer-producer of Stand and Deliver). Additionally, local film producer Daniel Yun (MediaCorp Raintree Pictures CEO) and Australian TV producer Stephen Jenner will also participate as guest speakers where they will share Singaporean and Australian perspectives in film and TV production.

The workshop will cover topics including techniques in pitching, script writing, storyboarding and the business aspects of filmmaking like marketing and distribution of the movies and other ancillary products. There will also be a pitching session for students and the most outstanding student will be offered an opportunity to intern with Mediacorp Raintree Pictures.

"The Singapore Film Commission is happy to support the Motion Picture Association’s efforts to equip our film students with the necessary skills sets to help them achieve industry success. Sensitization to the business environment of this intricate and wonderful industry will heighten the probabilities of successful creation of appealing output that can resonate with audiences both locally and internationally. The MPA’s mission is congruent with ours; we all want to stimulate, develop and sustain a vibrant and viable film industry. This workshop is a noteworthy step in that direction," said Kenneth Tan, Director, Singapore Film Commission.

"We are delighted to host and to organize the Film Production Workshop in Singapore this year as we have been doing in other parts of the region and world. The MPA’s goal in organizing these workshops is to help to provide aspiring filmmakers with the necessary business know-how as they continue to develop creative projects that will be pivotal to the continued growth of the film industry," said MPA president and managing director Asia-Pacific Mike Ellis.