MTV enters new phase with a new philosophy- STAY RAW

MUMBAI : MTV India enters a new phase with a new philosophy- STAY RAW.

MTV India channel head Aditya Swamy said, “What we have started is not an ad campaign or new tagline. It’s a philosophy. It’s an idea that is based on what young people today believe, expressed in an edgy yet tongue in cheek manner which is trademark MTV. A powerful idea has a limitless canvas and way this has come together is proof of just that.”

This philosophy is being launched through an innovative route. A never seen before channel look with clutter breaking graphics, a series of 3D channel ID’s and over a 100 pieces of STAY RAW philosophy communicated through mass media and digital. MTV will also go ad free over the weekend, so for the first time it’s an MTV roadblock on MTV.

MTV has  also launched its 1st ever magazine, MTV Noise Factory, globally.