BIG CBS Networks launches BIG CBS Prime

MUMBAI: BIG CBS Networks has launched a new channel BIG CBS Prime. Marking history with revolutionary content, the Channel went on air on 29 November, 2010 and will be beamed across the Indian sub-continent.

BIG CBS Prime will feature America’s top rated television shows from CBS Studios international. Shows like NCIS, Survivor, Late Show with David Letterman which will air within 24 hours of airing in the US, the newest American cop drama Blue Bloods, and the legal drama The Good Wife, Hollywood magazine shows like Entertainment Tonight and The Insider, Frasier and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Reliance Broadcast Network CEO Tarun Katial said, “The launch of BIG CBS Prime is the first step towards addressing the current need gaps of Indian viewers for internationally acclaimed quality programming. BIG CBS Networks aims to address current gaps felt by the Indian viewers for fresh international programming. With the current time lag between the US and India premiers of shows ranging 9 months or more and minimal content exclusivity, the appeal of current programmes and networks offering this genre of programmes is limited. As a result of this, the English programming as a category is highly under-developed. With our exclusive range of programming mix, BIG CBS is uniquely posed to grow the size of this market.”

“Through our distribution tie-ups, we have achieved nearly 100% target audience coverage to reach over 20 million households on the day of launch,” adds Katial.

As part of BIG CBS Networks’ plans to offer a prolific programming mix, it has signed strategic deals with Sony Pictures and NBC Universal for exclusive access to a library of hit Hollywood movies to beef up its weekend movie programming. The company is also in talks with other international studios to acquire a slate of hit Hollywood films.