Mukta Arts’ Marathi film Kaande Pohe renamed

Mumbai: The name of Mukta Arts’ second Marathi film Kaande Pohe has been changed to Sanai Choughade.

The change took place due to some internal issues that the producers were facing. The film is slated to release in mid June this year.

On the occasion, actor turned producer Shreyas Talpade, who is producing the film with Mukta Malpix, said, "Initially when we were brainstorming, Sanai Choughade had passed through our minds as a title for our film but since the term Kaande Pohe comes across many times in our film we had decided to go ahead with it. However, we learnt that it is already registered by someone else as a play and they are holding certain reservations for us to use the title. That’s when we decided that our film is far more important to us than the title alone."

Sanai Choughade is directed by Rajeev Patil, with screenplay and dialogues by Sanjay Pawar and stars Tushaar Dalvi, Shilpa Tulaskar, Subodh Bhave, Santosh Juvekar and Sai Tamhankar. The music for the film is done by Avdhoot Gupte.

The film revolves around a family’s search for a right match for their daughter. It’s a socially relevant light hearted family entertainer, which stems from social sarcasm, internal conflict and emotional upheaval and will make each one introspect.

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