Multiplexes unite against PVR, Studio 18


NEW DELHI: Multiplex chains Adlabs Cinemas, Inox, Fame, Cinemax and Movietime have come together to take a stand against the two movies releasing this Friday namely Welcome and Taare Zameen Par.

PVR and Studio 18, the distributors of Taare Zameen Par and Welcome respectively are demanding higher revenue shares from multiplexes. While PVR is demaning for 50, 40 share for the first two weeks for Bombay and 50, 45 for other cities Studio 18 is asking for  50, 42.5, 35 for Bomby and 50, 45 for other cities. PVR co-produced film Taare Zameen Par is releasing alongwith Welcome on 21 December and it is the only chain to have succumbed to the demands of Studio 18�s revenue share terms. As of Thursday night, PVR will be the only multiplex chain to release both the movies.

Despite these two movies being touted as sure shot hits and having the potential to rake in money for the multiplexes, multiplexes have sacrificed the monies to set right the revenue terms for the industry.

Sub distributors of Welcome are bargaining with multiplexes to settle revenes for the their respective territories but the multiplexes are not ready to give in for a few properties and sacrifice the others in their national  chain. 
The multiplex chains have refused to succumb to the demands of these distributors to the extent that the programming heads of all multiplexes (except PVR of course) are together under one roof to ensure that no distributor entices the multiplex in their personal and individual capacity. However, it will be interesting to watch whether the unity will also be reflected in their stand against other big distributors.

Despite repeated attempts PVR officials remained unavailable for comment. It is said that PVR arrived at this decision because on one hand they themselves are demanding higher revenue share from other multiplexes, so it did not make sense for them to reject the plea of another distributor (Studio 18) who is also demanding high revenue shares.

PVR opened the advance booking for Taare Zameen Par at its properties one week prior to its release, while it was still under negotiations with other multiplexes.
After having booked enough number of shows for their own film, they decided to share space with Welcome. Additionally, since no other multiplex expect PVR will play Welcome as of now, Welcome�s audience at PVR will automatically know that Taare Zameen Par is playing at PVR if not at any other multiplex. PVR and Studio 18 arrived at a decision on late Wednesday evening. The advance booking of Welcome opened on Thursday.

PVR multiplex chain managed to please Studio 18 for Welcome but in the bargain it has left all other multiplexes disappointed and a big question mark on its stand over revenues share terms. It remains to be seen whether PVR succumbs to all the demands of other distributors for higher revenues in future? If that happens, another question looms as to why was PVR the first and only one to have a fall out with Yash Raj Films last year in the first place?