Murli Sharma floored by Sanjay Jumani

MUMBAI: Don’t be surprised if Murli Sharma happens to be the next to undergo a name change or a spelling change. At a recent party he pumped into famous numerologist Sanjay Jumani and they indulged in a quiet serious conversation from what we could make out. Apparently Jumani loved Murli’s work in films like Main Hoon Na, Apharan etc.

“My friend Sumit Raghvan came and told me Sanjay wants to meet me. I have heard a lot about Sanjay but this was the first time I met him and he told me such amazing things about my work it was really flattering and yes he did advice me something on my spellings,” smiles Murli Sharma.

While we are wondering what would his name look like when he changes it we are reminded last time he changed his name to ‘LEE’ when he went to London for a film shoot. “Well that was because the phirangs there couldn’t pronounce Murli. So I made it ‘LEE’ for those twenty days that I was there!”

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