Mystics, scientists and young, flock to Banaras – A Mystic Love Story

Setu Creations’ Banaras – A Mystic Love Story, which had generally failed on he box-office in India, is generating a huge following through its DVD release worldwide.

The fan following of the film, which is growing day by day at a phenomenal rate, can be measured by the number of blogs which have appeared on the internet.

The writer and producer of Banaras, Mr L C Singh has started his own blog, when fans of Banaras, from world over, persuaded him to begin one. Mr Singh’s blog is attracting mystics, scientists and young spiritual seekers from everywhere, asking him questions and sharing with him their own interpretations. His popular site certainly deserves a visit (

Meeta, on her own blog writes about Banaras:

“Have you ever found something so beautiful, so unique that you want to stand on roof tops and yell it out and tell the world to stop its lazy slumber and wake up to this amazing thing that has the potential of changing your lif e or touching you in a way you have never been touched before. I discovered it, I was touched and since then cant stop thinking about it. So what is this amazing thing ? It’s a movie called Banaras.”….Meeta

“Banaras has the potential to awaken a soul to higher realities, and if this happens to a few, it has achieved more than any of the blockbusters.”….. Ulrich Mohrhoff.. .a quantum scientist

“I am a mystic. I thought you might be interested in reading these comments
on your movie:

……… It is a simple and beautiful movie, the Truth is always simple you know.
I just cannot believe they are making such movies with Great Awareness.
Is the whole world getting enlightened and expanding awareness? Wow!”…Prem. a mystic

The DVD of Banaras is being marketed by Excel video in India and is available at all major books and music stores.

The film has been directed by Pankuj Parashar.

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