Nagesh Kukunoor’s Tandoor is still burning

Mumbai: After Hyderabad Blues-II, Nagesh Kukunoor was to make a film called Tandoor. The film-maker had also confirmed Amitabh Bachchan to play the role of an Indian chef based in New York, but the film didn’t progress beyond the announcement stage. Rumours in the film world also suggested that Shah Rukh Khan was toying with the idea to produce the film, and act in it as well. Nagesh clarifies at length. ‘First of all let me tell you all that Tandoor has not been shelved, the reason why the movie didn’t take off can be attributed to the fact that there were differences between the producer and me. He stuck to his ideas, I stuck to mine, and then I started Dor, now my next will definitely be Tandoor. Regarding Shah Rukh Khan, I would love to work with him, but Tandoor revolves around a mature character and it fits Mr. Bachchan to the T. And I wouldn’t like to change the script to cast someone younger. As for Shah Rukh wanting to produce and act in Tandoor, let me be honest, I haven’t met him for some time now,” says Nagesh.

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