Naksha producer Akshay Bajaj to roll three films

MUMBAI: Naksha producer Akshay Bajaj will soon be launching three films. Of the three projects, one is romantic, while the other two are comedy.


Bajaj was also the executive producer of Ramji Londonwale.


Mayur Puri, the dialogue writer for Om Shanti Om has been roped in for two projects as the scriptwriter. While Paritosh Painter along with partner Balwinder Singh will script the third film.


Speaking to, Bajaj says, “The script for the romantic film has reached the point of completion and we will finalize the star cast soon. Mayur is working on the other comedy film too, which will be directed by my brother Roshan Bajaj who also directed Naksha.” The budget for this film will be approximately around Rs 200 – 250 million (Rs 20 – 25 crores).


The comedy film with Painter will hit the floors first. Bajaj is also on the lookout for corporate houses to ink a co-production deal. Adds Bajaj, “I am certainly open to a co-production deal but right now, I am working out other details.”