Nat Geo to air film on Mumbai floods


MUMBAI: National Geographic Channel will air a special film on the flood that sank Mumbai. The film called Mumbai Mega Flood will be premiere on 15 July, 2007 at 8 pm.

Nat Geo will follow the siege of Mumbai, as all its systems shut down and millions of people faced nature’s fury. Two years later, the city of Mumbai finds itself fighting the same battle; this is a story of a recurring phenomenon that has changed the life of Mumbaikars forever.

National Geographic Channel India vice president marketing Rajesh Sheshadri said, “At National Geographic Channel it is our constant endeavour to bring into focus issues that are relevant and relatable to the world we live in through our programming and Mumbai Mega Flood is one such effort. Monsoons bring back the fear of floods in Mumbai every year after the disaster in 2005 and we believe that a show like Mumbai Mega Flood will play a role in highlighting the challenge that life becomes for people of the city and bringing to light the reasons behind this recurring phenomenon.”

On 26 July, 2005, a month before Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans; Mumbai, India’s financial capital with a population of 18.3 million received its highest rainfall in recorded history. An incredible 944 mm of rain fell on the city in 24 hours – the resulting flood left hundreds dead.

Environmental destruction, unplanned construction, climate change and administration failure are the reasons cited by experts and environmentalists for the disaster. However, before any significant action is taken, Mumbai finds itself in the same situation again. On 30 June, 2007, it rains more than 600 mm in Mumbai bringing the city to a screeching halt and the city is still unprepared for it.