NDTV Imagine adapts yesteryear Hema Malini movie for TV


    MUMBAI: Watch any serial on any Hindi general entertainment channel and one is bound to see a glimpse of a scene that has been inspired by Hindi films. A serial on Star One – Mile Jab Hum Tum has various shades of the popular Kareena Kapoor – Shahid Kapur starrer Jab We Met. Moreover, these days serials are increasingly also adapting movie song sequences into the plot.

    At a time like this, NDTV Imagine has gone ahead and acquired the official rights to adapt a Hindi film into a television soap. The movie is question is the Hema Malini starrer – Seeta Aur Geeta, which was directed by Ramesh Sippy. Production house Bohra Brothers has acquired the rights of the film for approximately Rs 3 lakhs.

    The TV show is also titled Seeta Aur Geeta and will have Anjori Alag essaying the twin roles played by Hema Malini in the movie. The 260 episodes show will go on air from 25 May and will be aired from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm and 9 pm.

    Producer Sunil Bohra said, "Since there are many shows already on television that are inspired by Bollywood, we wanted to be more open about it, buy the rights of a movie and remake it instead. We thought of Seeta Aur Geeta because it is high on drama and comedy and it’s very entertaining. It was most challenging to look for a person who would fit into the role originally essayed by Hemaji because it was quite a large boot to fill in! We finally decided on Anjori and I think we’ve done well."

    Speaking to Businessofcinema.com, Imagine EVP content Shailja Kejriwal said, "Seeta Aur Geeta the film was a Bollywood blockbuster and it was a film that was enjoyed by kids and adults alike, so we thought it would be a good idea to adapt such an entertaining film into a daily series."

    Hema Malini met the cast and crew of the new show Seeta Aur Geeta at Filmcity.

    The TV show is being directed by Maqbool Khan, who just completed his debut film Kabootar. Speaking to Businessofcinema.com he said that he is a little nervous since the film was very popular and people still remember it till today. However, at the same time, he is confident that the audience is going to enjoy it since it is as entertaining as the film.

    Anjori Alag added, "I am more excited than nervous because I don’t think I have ever worked this hard before because this role is a big responsibility for me and also by remaking a film like Seeta Aur Geeta into a serial gives me a chance to showcase my talent, though it is difficult to replace Hemaji because she is a legend and no one can replace her and I hope I make her proud."

    The other characters in the show are essayed by Sushmita Mukherjee, Ritu Raj, Cezanne Khan and Gaurav Dixit.

    Hema Malini said, "Seeta Aur Geeta has been one of the most memorable films in my career and it is also the film that enhanced my film career. I have a lot of memories of the film with everyone that was connected to the film like Dharamji, Sanjeev Kumar, Manorama etc. I remember Salim Khan and Javed Akthar who wrote the film used to create some of the scenes on the sets and they were so good, none of the scenes were boring. Honestly when I first heard that they were remaking the film I was not very happy because of what happened with the remake of Sholay, I did not want the same kind of controversy but since this is a serial things are different as they can elaborate and expand it. I am happy that it’s being made into a serial because it is an evergreen subject, it’s humorous and lighthearted and at the same time projects good and evil."