New promo of Akshay’s Jaan-E-Mann laugh

MUMBAI: Akshay Kumar’s as a naïve Agastya Rao with the goofy laugh in Jaan-E-Mann seems to have caught on everyone’s fancy. Right from children to college students are mimicking the goofy laugh and it seems the trend is catching on big time. Even Sajid Nadiadwala is incorporating it in a new promo of Jaan-E-Mann.


“Looking at the response of Akshay Kumar’s goofy laugh from all part of the country, I am incorporating it in his new promo of Jaan-E-Mann, which will shown soon on channels,” says Nadiadwala.


Akshay says, “I’m a keen observer of people, but it’s a trade secret from where I picked it up. A lot of geek laughs like this in real life. Yeah I know somebody, who does…”


Truly Akshay seems to be balancing his box-office status quite well. And those who have appreciated Akshay’s performance in Jaan-E-Mann have to wait and watch for his next film with director Nagesh Kukunoor.


Though Akshay is currently shooting in Dubai for Anees Bazmee’s Welcome, he went into a theatre along with his son in Dubai to watch Jaan-E-Mann.

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