NFDC India commences work on four movies


    MUMBAI: NFDC India has begun work on four new film projects. The films are in the Konkanese, Bengali, Rajasthani and Hindi languages.

    The Hindi film titled Bubblegum is being co-produced by Manmohan Shetty’s Walkwater Media and Cosmic Films along with NFDC. Speaking to, NFDC India managing director Nina Lath Gupta says, "Bubblegum has been under development for a long time now but production is finally going to commence on it. The crew is at present in Jamshedpur for a recce, where the film will be shot."

    Elaborating on the storyline of the film, Gupta says, "It’s a very cute Hindi film that talks about coming of age and is set in the Tata Steel Plant. Hence it is being shot there. It revolves around a family working in the factory."

    Gupta informs that the Rs 300 million (Rs 30 crores) funds that had been allocated to NFDC to promote new talent is being utilised in these film projects. "We will be investing this money in regional cinema talent. We have already begun work on the Konkanese film called Man Beyond The Bridge. We are also shooting a Bengali film called Maya Bazaar in Bengal. The shooting for this has commenced. Then we are making Rajasthani film. The crew for this film is currently out for recce."

    These projects will take NFDC India’s count of making films in various languages to 17.

    Apart from these projects, a film titled Bioscope is complete and has been taken to many film festivals. Additionally, two films are in post production namely Lucky Red Seeds and The White Elephant. The latter is being co-produced by NDTV Imagine Film Company. "We are looking at releasing Lucky Red Seeds and The White Elephant as soon as possible since these are complete."