NFDC to organize the Film Bazaar Screenwriters’ Lab 2011 for scriptwriters


MUMBAI: In keeping with the mandate of promoting the development of the Cinemas of India, the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and Binger FilmLab will conduct Screenwriters’ Lab 2011, a 2-part screenwriters’ workshop for writing and selling original Indian screenplays.

Screenwriter’s Lab 2011, a 2-part workshop is designed to prepare screenwriters’ with original Indian stories for working with the international filmmaking market place. It aims at improving a completed screenplay in its final stages and to increase the international marketability of the same.

The first session will be held during the Venice International Film Festival in September, 2011 where participants will get first-hand experience of the workings of the international film community and get to train with their screenplay mentors.

The second session at Film Bazaar, Goa from 24–27 November, 2011 is where participants will apply their training and pitch their revised screenplays to participants at the film market.

The workshop will be conducted by Binger Filmlab artistic director Marten Rabarts aided by experienced international guest mentors.

NFDC spokesperson said, "A total of Six Screenwriters will be chosen and the writer will travel to Venice and Goa along with their scripts for the work shops. We have a panel of experts (their identity is undisclosed so that there is no partiality). The endeavor is to give everyone an equal chance."