Om Puri as The Hangman

Releasing on August 18

Akshar Media Productions’ The Hangman (English), featuring Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, Smita Jaykar, Shreyas Talpade and Tom Alter, is scheduled for release all over India on August 18.

The Hangman is a story of crime and punishment for a hangman who has executed more than a hundred men. Forced into a line of work which his father and forefathers were born into, Shiva battles the social stigmatism which surrounds his unique profession. He is detested by most people. Wherever he goes, silence follows him. As he precisely and methodically performs his duties, Shiva prepares his ropes, cleans the scaffold, and tests the levers. He is overwhelmed by a guilty conscience, repenting his inevitable after-life.

A simple man, with very simple thoughts, Shiva soon realizes a simple dream: that his son Ganesh should have a better life. The hangman designs a new path for his son, whereby Ganesh moves to the city, is educated in a university, and earns honest wages working as a teacher. When a sudden accident takes place and a new convict is on death row, Shiva is plagued once again with the preparations for a hanging. But this hanging would prove to be like none of the hundred, which he performed before. This time, the fate of Ganesh would lie only in Shiva’s hands. With a bittersweet ending, The Hangman takes you on a journey of old traditions in a land where destiny is decided by death and reincarnations.

Internationally acclaimed Om Puri ( Jewel in the Crown, City of Joy, East is East, and Gandhi) gives a compelling performance acting the part of the aged and tired executioner.
The film has been produced by Bipin Patel and directed by Vishal Bhandari. Cinematography by A.S.Kanal & Mahesh Aney, editing by Deepa Bhatia, sound design by Mohandas, music by Siddharth, Suhas & Chandresh, lyrics by Kumaar & Sarin, original story by K.Srinivasa Rao and screenplay by Marcus Paul, Ratnakar Tripathy & Vishal Bhandari are other credits. Anoli Patel is the associate producer and Piyu Seth is the executive producer.

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