Optimystix launches Krazy Kiya Re

Mumbai: Content creation company Optimystix Entertainment, along with SAB Television, has announced the launch of Krazy Kiya Re, a new show format that will put to test the ability of participants to re-engineer Hindi film songs.

The primary idea of music talent shows thus far has been to showcase the vocal power and tone of the contestants, but rarely do these shows explore the ‘creative’ powers of the singer to twist, translate or alter the song! A new LIVE format talent show, which airs on SAB TV from 9 May attempts to do that.

In KKR, Krazingers (contestants) will be tested on their re-engineering abilities across three broad sections:

1. Geetantar where you twist the tune of an existing song into another popular song.

2. Googly where you compose a song that integrates flawlessly into an existing popular song.

3. Bhashantar where you translate a Hindi song into any other Indian language.

The ability of the show to instantly spot whacky talent is immense and a Live interactive jury and the whacky sets promises wholesome family entertainment.

Krazingers will have either to sing to a new beat, or translate it in a different language or completely reinvent tune, beats, and scale. Optimystix has created this unique format, licensed it to SAB TV, and will subsequently be licensing this format to other markets, for production in their local languages around the world.

Optimystix Entertainment CEO and chairman Sanjiv Sharma said, "Plain vanilla singing based talent shows are passé as Indian audiences now crave for something beyond – something unexpected. KKR promises to deliver these ‘unexpected’ moments of pure entertainment. We are proud to create such a unique format based on the encouragement received from SAB TV. We are confident that Krazy Kiya Re will be well accepted by Indian audiences across the world."

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