P9, MirriAd to use Repucom technology for branded entertainment


    MUMBAI: In order to boost the branded entertainment segment, MirriAd has associated with Repucom International, which provides clients with brand analysis data and also an understanding of sponsorship impact and effectiveness, along with in-depth insights. which in turn help clients maximize their marketing investments.

    Last year, Percept’s P9 Integrated had entered into a tie-up with MirriAd to digitally integrate brands within existing content that is marketed by P9 Integrated.

    P9 Integrated’s association with MirriAd has helped integrate brands like Ponds, Mango Slice, HDFC Life Insurance, Sunsilk within existing content. P9 Integrated, also has new deals with brands like Reebok, Kwality Walls, Lux Provocateur, Clinic All Clear and Dabur Honey. Each of the brand owners have signed deals that will see branded objects such as logos, props, backdrops and signage dynamically inserted into existing video content.

    However, considering the current market scenario due to the economic downturn, it is imperative to justify spends. This will be now possible with the introduction of Repucom International’s brand analysis technology based on the “Human Visual System” in India, which will help marketers avail brand performance including number of exposures, duration, average size, verbal references etc in various contents.

    "Repucom International is a global leader providing full service brand analysis and research solutions. Headquartered in Australia with offices in 10 countries spanning the globe, Repucom provides a new level of evidence based accountability for branded content and sponsorship by offering an irrefutable means of quantifying brand exposure in various contents. It provides evidence and report on ROI to justify the brand spends. It will also introduce accountability and help the marketers avail brand performance. And evaluates brand exposure in television & film broadcast in an accurate, consistent and verifiable manner," said Repucom International president EMEA and South Asia Danny Townsend.

    MirriAd CEO Mark Popkiewicz added, "The worldwide economic downturn has led to much closer scrutiny on advertising spend. Whilst the industry has always known the potential benefit that could be derived from physical product placement, it is a risky and expensive exercise. Embedded advertising removes all of the doubt and much of the cost. Agencies and advertisers know exactly what they are going to receive, they know the cost and thanks to the analysis from Repucom, they also know what sort of returns to expect as it can value the ROI."

    P9 Integrated CEO Navin Shah said, "After implementing the MirriAd technology our clients have seen drastically higher return on investment than they would have from alternative, traditional TV advertising. MirriAd technology not only helps us effortlessly integrate the brand within the content but also increases the impact and effectiveness for the brand integration. This technology provides a very attractive prospect to brands and we are looking forward to seeing significant growth at P9 in spite of the global downturn. Also with the help of MirriAd’s global partner Repucom International, brands will  receive  detailed reports on ROI and take this business model to a different level."

    Talking about the scope of branded entertainment in India, MirriAd CEO Mark Popkiewicz said, "India is the largest TV market in the world with 350 + channels serving 119 million households. India is also the largest film industry in the world, producing over 1000 movies a year. India also consumes over one million DVD sales per day. Hence MirrAd can introduce advertising in a non-intrusive way in both content for broadcast and movies for distribution including the DVD market. For MirriAd and the Indian content industry all this adds up to a huge incremental opportunity. We have already worked on major brands in India like Ponds, Sunsilk etc through P9 Integrated and we delivered great value for the brand and content. MirriAd is targeting the TV content market aggressively and has a JV with Endemol India."

    Moser Baer general manager Vikas Chopra was game to open up their library for exploring brands in their home video titles through MirriAd technology. Additionally, Endemol India head of corporate development and strategy Ankush Patel spoke about how they will explore Indian market for embedding brands in their various shows.