“Paan Singh Tomar deserves National Award” – Irrfan Khan

 Irrfan Khan
MUMBAI: The raves for Paan Singh Tomar have not been allowed to go to Irrfan Khan’s head. He is in Himachal Pradesh shooting for a Punjabi film with no respite to return to Mumbai. “But I’m aware of all the good things being said about the film and my performance. I  feel blessed. I am sure somewhere Paan Tomar Singh’s soul must be now at peace,” says Irrfan.
Tell him he’s bound to win the National award for his portrayal of  Paan Singh Tomar and Irrfan retorts, “It would be shaming the awards if this performance didn’t get recognition. More than my performance it’s the message on how shabbily we treat our sportspersons that needs to be underlined. I’ve never been a popular candidate for awards. The appreciation I’m getting from people like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Shabana Azmiji for my performance in Paan Singh Tomar is award enough for me.” 
Says Irrfan. “I’ve done such an athletic role once before in Asif Kapadia’s Warrior. But Paan Singh Tomar demanded the kind of physical concentration that I had never experienced.”