Pakistan’s Begum Ali to host 9X’s chat show


MUMBAI: Starting 15 December, every Saturday at 10 pm, the Chat Show Queen of Pakistan, Ali Salim aka Begum Nawazish Ali, will host her own chat show on the Indian Hindi GEC 9X.

INX Media founder and CEO Indrani Mukerjea said, “I am happy to announce that we have signed on the glamorous, smart and spirited chat show queen of Pakistan, Begum Nawazish Ali, to host a truly unique and entertaining talk show on 9X. Called Begum, this new weekly show will premiere on the 15 of December, and will air every Saturday from 10 to 11 pm. Our choice of Begum Nawazish Ali reiterates our commitment to presenting world-class content that would appeal to viewers in India and worldwide. I am confident that Begum Nawazish Ali will captivate the hearts of the 9X viewers.”

Ali added, “I am delighted to be part of the excellent programming on 9X. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase my talents and abilities to the viewers of India. Begum is a strong, glamorous and opinionated woman who is unafraid of saying what she thinks. As a character, Begum is elegant and charming, with an edgy sense of humor.”

Begum Ali is a gossipy, high-society lady with a sharp tongue who can hold her own against anyone. A diva who adores the finer things of life, she is a worldly-wise jetsetter who loves to flirt, joke and banter. And she has the knack of disarmingly, sweetly, posing questions that others wouldn’t dare to ask. As a talk show, Begum will be an entertaining mix of the racy, the gossipy and the provocative.

In Begum, this self-confessed fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni will chat with some of the most entertaining and well known personalities: the urban elite, and film and TV stars. As a grand diva, Begum Nawazish Ali feels a special kinship with showbiz people, and what she loves doing most is mingle with people from the world of entertainment.

She has the knack of drawing guests into saying or doing things they have never done on television before. “Begum is a show where my celeb guests can let their hair down and have a blast,” said Ali.