Paramount contacts Hindu leader Zed about Love Guru

Mumbai: Paramount Pictures, presenters of upcoming Hollywood movie The Love Guru, has made contact with prominent Hindu leader Rajan Zed after he demanded that it be shown to Hindu representatives prior to release.
Paramount Pictures senior vice president national publicity Jessica Rovins, in a telephonic conversation with Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, said that The Love Guru is a comedy and the purpose is to entertain and we are not making this movie to offend anybody.
Rovins said that after consultations with various people involved with the film, including Mike Myers (the star, co-producer and co-writer), Paramount would issue a statement on Zed’s concerns about the film. Rovins is publicist on this film.
Universal Society of Hinduism has earlier said that from the information available about the movie, it appeared to be lampooning Hinduism and Hindus and using Hindu terms frivolously.