IFTA president Prewitt disagrees with MPAA’s Glickman

Mumbai: Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) president-CEO Jean Prewitt expressed astonishment at MPAA chairman-CEO Dan Glickman’s remarks regarding net neutrality.
In his letter Prewitt said, "The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) was astounded to read that the MPAA and the six major studios who are its members have taken the step of denouncing the principle of ‘net neutrality’ and its advocates."
He stated, "The Internet offers the only truly open opportunity for independents (whether or not commercially oriented) to reach consumers because both free and cable television have been foreclosed in the wake of massive industry consolidation."
He also added, "… openness is threatened by the power of a small number of broadband providers to discriminate unilaterally against some categories of users or types of traffic or to accord preferential treatment to certain content providers over others, all under the ambiguous claim of "network management." While these providers may have some legitimate issues related to the technical management of their networks, there have already been cases of different treatment of users and it is clear that there must be transparency, equal treatment and an avenue of redress when the providers’ private decisions trespass fair rights of others and the public interest. Thus, the issue is not whether government should regulate the Internet but whether there will be effective oversight to prevent a handful of corporate giants from imposing their own version of private regulation to the public’s detriment."
He ended saying, "From its outset, the Internet was designed to be the ultimate open and democratic network. Maintaining that and ensuring that there are no private chokepoints over content and use is the goal of net neutrality. This is in everyone’s interest, including your members. Accordingly, IFTA will support public policy efforts to ensure open and competitive access to the Internet and to foster the innovation and creativity that is so vital to our future."

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