Film: Partner

Genre: Comedy

Director: David Dhawan

Global Distributor: Eros International

Cast: Salman Khan, Govinda, Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif

Release date: 20 July, 2007

Official website:


Although 99% of the women always get the man they desire, 99% of the men never get the women they love. That’s when the Love Guru steps in. Love Guru faces the biggest challenge of his career when a common man, Bhaskar Devakar Chudhary falls helplessly in love with the most eligible socialite in town – Priya Jaisingh.

While Love Guru has succeeded in giving a happy ending to many love stories, he faces an uphill task when it comes to his own love story with Naina Sahani who has her own set of problems.

This summer get ready for a story of a dude and a common man, from the king of comedies, David Dhawan.