Percept D’Mark launches entertainment division


MUMBAI: Percept D’Mark (PDM) India has launched a new division called PDM-Entertainment, which will focus on building new properties in cinema, theatre, music and live events.

The PDM-Entertainment division will be headed by Aman Anand, who has prior experience in a spectrum of events under the banner of music, live concerts, cinema and TV properties.

Percept Holdings joint managing director Shailendra Singh says, “This move will bring a focused and concentrated approach to the ideas and concepts generated by PDM, while catering to the entertainment related events domain.”

PDM-Entertainment expertise entails a combination of TV production and direction, new technology ideation, musicals and broadways, international concerts and design of entertainment based properties specific to a brand, says a release.

Says PDM India COO Devraj Sanyal, “The idea is to have a dedicated team in this arena to build a sustainable model in the entertainment domain. A specialist team, which has immense experience in this field will ensure that they create and provide professional support and service to the clients who will form a part of the PDM initiatives.”

The PDM Entertainment team will revamp and recreate some of the older properties in a larger format with ground extensions and accessories.