“Perceptions of Hurman’s calibre as an actor will change after What’s Your Rashee?”- Priyanka Chopra


MUMBAI: The first look of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s What’s Your Rashee is out. The film is inspired from the Gujrati novel, Kendall Ravenswood by Madhu Rai. Talking about his film, Gowarikar explained, "Kendall and Ravenswood are the names of two railway stations that are part of the New York subway. It is on that routine journey some incidents unfold. My film is an adaptation of the book."

The film stars Hurman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra in the main lead. When Gowarikar had signed the actor, Baweja was the latest star son to hit tinsel town and a lot was riding on him. But after his two duds at the box office, Baweja has suddenly lost the tag of being a good box office prospect. But Gowarikar is quick to defend his lead actor. He said, "It is a misfortune that things did not work out for Hurman in his first two films. But after my film, I am confident that people will see Hurman in a new light. He is a dedicated actor and has performed to the bar that I have raised for him."

Not just the director, but even his co-star Chopra has only praise for him. She said, "Perceptions of Hurman’s calibre as an actor will change after What’s Your Rashee? He has done a good job."

What’s Your Rashee is about finding the right candidate according to the zodiac sign and Chopra in yet another author backed role, gets to play the twelve different shades of the zodiac calendar. Releasing on 25 September, the film will be a great opportunity for Baweja to re-establish his credentials in Bollywood.