Ravi Kishan riding high on success


    MUMBAI: The lascivious leer is still resonating in your mind long after the film has released and been declared as an average performer. Ravi Kishan in Luck stood out because of his over the top, sometimes sweet, sometimes irritating and sometimes disgusting character as a rapist and serial killer. And today, Ravi Kishan is riding the huge success wave and has films with none other than big names like Mani Ratnam and Shyam Benegal.

     Reflecting on his career, Kishan said, "I don’t know how things changed. I was called the poor man’s Mithun Chakraborty. I did a film with Shah Rukh Khan too…remember Army? Yes, I did that. I did Bhojpuri films and even serials on Doordarshan. And now I am being paid big money for television shows and at the same time films with a hugely successful director like Mani Ratnam and with a hugely acclaimed director like Shyam Benegal."

    Doing several things at the same time is paying rich dividends for the actor. And perhaps it is the unpredictability of his characters on screen that are working for Kishan. He is one actor who is yet to have a screen image. He cannot be slotted either as a comedian or a character. He is still in huge demand on television. After his participation in the reality series, Bigg Boss, Kishan is regarded a high TRP booster in the TV circuit. He laughingly admitted, "Rakhi Sawant called me to be her brother in the show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar as no one was coming forward. And since I know Rakhi since 1994 and the channel paid me a lot of money, I did it. And also doing such appearances on television is a welcome breather from doing heavy duty films."

    The actor flew to Ooty last Sunday to finish the last schedule of Raavana. On his return, Kishan will take a break from applying the grease paint and concentrate on his production house which makes Bhojpuri films.