Pixion expands operations in Mumbai


    MUMBAI: Pixion has developed its infrastructure by investing in its Mumbai property towards renovation and furnishing with the latest technologies in the market.

    It has set up an Autodesk Lustre Incinerator connected on Infiniband, three Autodesk Smoke systems, one Autodesk Flame and an upgradation of all its existing Autodesk systems. In addition, Pixion has more than 75 TB of central and primary storage on Infiniband for DI and Video work.

    The new Smoke 2007 and Flame 2007 take advantage of the latest computing, storage and networking technologies, providing compelling productivity gains. Autodesk creative systems harness the full power of multi-core processor technology, and the extensible, open architecture of the Linux platform.

    Pixion CEO post production business Naresh Malik says, “We decided to migrate to Linux purely because Autodesk asked us to and explained in detail the benefits that it will provide to my business. We’ve been Autodesk loyalists for a while now and their proven track record made us confident of the Linux purchases as well.”  

    Pixion currently has about 14 film and some advertising projects in various stages at its facilities. Some big banner productions currently underway include The Last Lear and Rituparno Ghosh’s Sunglass.

    The company is also ramping up its staff strength. With 60 people in April 2005, the company now houses 170 media artistes with plans to reach 200 by end April 2007 and 400 by June 2007.